The Perfect Repair Options For the Garden Sprinkler


Use of garden treatment products is risky. In addition to instrument maintenance, cleaning the sprinkler at the end of the treatment is not only necessary, but must also comply with a specific procedure. The safety of the applicator and the protection of the environment depend on it. Check this website for help. 

Sprinkler cleaning is necessary for its maintenance but not only. A sprinkler is used to apply more or less harmful products. Whether it is herbicides, insecticides or fungicides, all these products have certain toxicity in common for the person who applies it and for the environment. For this reason they must be handled with care, including cleaning the sprinkler properly after use. You can also have the sprinkler repair fort worth here.

Applicator safety and environmental protection

The safety of the one who treats the plants by means of a sprinkler is guaranteed by: 

  • use a disposable coverall for the most important treatments, such as applying insecticides on a hedge 
  • wear a mask and goggles for protection of medium or large areas
  • wear gloves in all cases, even for small surface treatments
  • do not consume water or food during the treatment 
  • clean the sprinkler well and store it in a suitable place
  • take a shower after applying or at least a complete wash of your hands and face.

As regards respect for the environment, some rules must be applied:

  • Carefully inspect the doses indicated by the manufacturer  any excess dosage should be avoided because it is useless and dangerous
  • when using herbicides , do not apply them to the edge of waterways or ponds 
  • follow the specific instructions for each product supplied by the manufacturer
  • do not mix different products in the same application
  • Clean sprinkler after treatment.

Clean a sprinkler: how to do it right

The maintenance of a treatment tool, whether it is a shoulder sprinkler, or a shoulder spray or spray , the cleaning principle remains the same . Here are some useful tips to keep in mind: 

Before using a sprinkler a simple calculation is necessary, ​​how much mixture, that is how much water-product mixture should be prepared? In fact, a precise calculation avoids preparing an excessive quantity and therefore limits the amount of product to be eliminated at the end of the treatment.

The product remaining in the sprinkler must not be used a second time, but must be eliminated: this is not only inefficient, because an overdose does not increase the performance of the product used, but it is also harmful to the environment, because it causes a phenomenon of stagnation, i.e. a permanence of the product in the environment.

To eliminate what remains of the liquid inside the sprinkler at the end of a treatment, here are the rules to follow:

Add water so as to dilute the mixture to a level of 5 to 10 parts of water for a part of the remaining volume of mixture the more harmful the product, the more important the volume of water is.

Distribute the mixture indicated above on a plant-free and draining surface such as stony or unpaved roads. The diffusion occurs by spraying on a surface and as widely as possible. Avoid spreading it near water courses, rainwater stagnation or paved roads. Once the product is used up, fill the tank with water for at least one tenth of the tank, then spray again with the jet. Finally, rinse the appliance and if necessary, especially when using a powder product, remove the nozzle from the sprinkler and rinse it well.


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