Garden Irrigation Planning Guide

Automatic irrigation, the method of delivering water throughout the garden, has various systems designed for different areas and plant types. Any of these systems can utilize rainwater with a rainwater harvester and an irrigation pump. Irrigation supplies in Naples, Fl can be purchased in either retail locations or online and many can be installed easily. The first step in planning an irrigation system is to choose which type of system or systems will work for the areas and plants that will need to be watered.

Pop Up Sprinklers

A popular choice for large areas such as lawns that can also be used for flower beds in the pop-up sprinkler. With the pipes and sprinkler heads buried underground, the system is nearly invisible until turned on. Once turned on the sprinkler heads rise above the ground to water and when turned off sink back to their starting position.

Soaker Hose and Drip Line Irrigation

A soaker hose system is a length of porous hose or pipe connected to a water source. When turned on water leaks from the entire length of the hose and provides a soaking thru the entire area. A Drip Line Irrigation system is similar to a soaker hose however it has fewer drip emitters so water can be released in only required areas. A Soaker hose works best in a large area with many plants close together while a drip line is better for a large area with plants spread out in intervals. Both are easily installed as they only require to be laid in place and staked down.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Similar to drip line systems the drip irrigation system uses several lines or pipes with drip emitters staked into areas near the base of plants. While a drip line is a single piece placed in a straight line such as along a row of flowers or shrubs and a drip irrigation system can cover a larger area connecting at multiple points and is ideal for things like vegetable patches and potted plants.

Mini Sprinklers and Spray Systems

Mini sprinkler and spray systems both supply water to a large area making them more cost-effective than drip line systems. Like the pop-up sprinkler systems mini sprinklers and spray systems both use a network of pipes and sprinkler heads however unlike the pop-up systems, these are primarily above ground. Mico Jet and spray systems utilize smaller sprinkler heads and provide a fine misting of water similar to rain. They provide a good soaking for large areas making them good for lawns, flower beds, and vegetable patches. Mini sprinkler systems are similar to the micro jet systems however instead of a fine mist the sprinkler head disperses large droplets of water. Providing more water in a shorter period of time these systems are also good for lawns, flower beds, and vegetable patches and minimize evaporation while watering. Both systems can be installed quickly and easily as they come in both pre-assembled systems and individual components

When choosing a system calculate the pressure and flow from the available water source to ensure that the system will function properly. The next step after choosing which type of system or systems will work best for your needs is to plan out the design. Measure and draw out the lawn, garden, and any other areas or plants such as trees that will need to be watered. Be as accurate as possible with the drawing using graph paper and exact measurements. Once your drawing is complete you can plan your system and purchase your supplies. It’s not usual to use multiple systems in the same area. Finding these irrigation supplies in Naples Fl or anywhere else in the US is simple and many of these systems can be installed in an afternoon.

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