How do you do fire restoration?

A fire accident is one of the most terrible disasters everyone does not wish to experience. But when the unfortunate accident occurs and the firefighter trucks leave with the smoldering fire and smoke all over your property, you may feel so devastated that you do not know the next step to take. While we commiserate with you on your loss, we present what to do next and how to go about the fire restoration in your fire-ravaged home.

Unfortunately, your property would undoubtedly have been subjected to extensive water damage and massive fire and smoke damage. Follow these steps for the fire restoration process to restore your property to the pre-fire condition.

Step 1: Contact a Fire Restoration Company

Call a fire restoration company and respond to series of questions presented to you about the fire incidence and the degree of damage done to your property to facilitate the dispatch of the right team and equipment to your home.

Step 2: On-Site Inspection and Assessment

Professionals from the fire restoration company will arrive at your home to inspect and assess the extent of the fire, soot, and smoke damage, which will help to design an efficient fire restoration plan.

Step 3: Quick Installation of Temporary Windows, Walls, and Roof

Some windows that have been gutted by fire while walls and roof may have been severally damaged. So, missing windows and walls will be boarded up and tarps placed on the damaged roofs for security purposes.

Step 4: Water Removal

The bulk of the water in the home (from the firefighting process) will be removed immediately. Dehumidifiers and water movers will be used to get rid of the remaining water and dry the property.

Step 5: Smoke and Soot Removal

Specialized equipment and tools will be used to remove smoke and soot from walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.

Step 6: Cleaning

All restorable items and properties will be thoroughly cleaned, as well as the damaged structures. As professionals, the fire restoration team will use different cleaning equipment and techniques to restore your belongings to the pre-fire condition.

Step 7: Restoration

This is the final stage of the fire restoration of your building and properties to the pre-fire condition. It involves minor repairs of drywall, painting, carpet replacement, and major reconstruction of severely affected areas. This is to bring the property (residential or commercial) back to its former shine and beauty.

Fire restoration is crucial to restoring your home or office to the pre-fire condition. In view of this, ensure to hire an experienced fire restoration company.

Alberto Aurelio

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