Garden Buildings and Your Choices in Perfect Ways

For anyone who seeks to realize the dream of having a garden building, the advice in this section can be very useful to make the best decision in this important moment of life.Buying a garden building is not something that is done every day, so it is important that you analyze your options, compare and make the best purchase decision.

Take the following into account when choosing your next home:

Prestige of the construction company

Research the Projects carried out by the construction company in question, to obtain a good reference about your work. Analyze if the structures are preserved and if they are projects or condominiums approved by the Institute for the Promotion of Secured Mortgages, FHA. This will give legal certainty to your purchase and confidence in the type of construction.

Garden building design

Identify the characteristics of the construction that interests you,size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, service areas, lighting, closets and choose according to the one that best meets your needs. We share some designs and environments that you will love here. You can also click here for more on the same.

We share a design comparison table for a garden building to analyze between several options:


The location of your future home does not depend on where you work or study your children. Consider that the place to live is a decision for a lifetime, while your workplace may change and in a medium term, your children will finish their studies. It is best to evaluate the place based on how you feel in that environment, the proximity of shops, hospitals, shopping centers among other places that will be part of your new life. It also evaluates safety, green areas to exercise and enjoy outdoors. Visualize the ideal environments of your next home here.

Financing options

Ask about the financing alternatives that exist to acquire your home. The advisor must guide you and put at your disposal different options made to your needs, in order to make your dream come true and acquire the garden building you have always wanted, according to your possibilities. Currently, the Banks in Guatemala offer you excellent and very low interest rates that facilitate the qualification for a loan, because at a lower rate, you require lower income to qualify.

Take advantage of housing fairs

Find out about events related to housing fairs that place in the same place the most options in terms of housing. Attend and approach developers, who will offer you additional benefits that will improve your purchase.

Differences between garden buildingorgarden building

The decision to buy a garden building or garden building is very personal, however there are important differences that you should know:


  • A garden building offers you a private garden that most garden buildings do not have.
  • The exterior maintenance of a home is a personal decision, while the maintenance of a building is the joint decision of all its condominium owners.
  • A garden building does not cause the inconvenience that an elevator can cause you when the power supply is cut off or is out of use.
  • In a garden building you will have your vehicle closer and accessible. While not in a building, mainly when you forget something inside it.

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