Proper Installations of the Home Appliances

You certainly must have realized that the durability of the products we buy is no longer the same. Therefore, there is a need to be attentive if you need appliance repair or some home repairs.

In fact, the devices have an expiration date and with misuse they end up breaking and defective much more often. This context requires that care be taken when cleaning and using the devices to ensure their longest life. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that the electrical part of the house is in perfect condition.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list containing the most damaging home appliances, the factors that cause damage and some tips on how to prevent appliance repairs, increasing the life of the appliances. Do you want to know all this? Continue reading and check it out. Calling the qualified handymen happens to be the best options in these cases.


Despite the robust appearance, the refrigerator is an appliance that can present many problems – especially when maintenance and care protocols are not followed.The first factor that should be noted is the method of transportation and displacement used to take the refrigerator from the store to your home. For example: the appliance must not be tilted more than 40 degrees, otherwise an oil leak will damage the refrigerator even before it is switched on. The professionals can work perfectly under this situation.

At home, there are a few things you can avoid so you don’t have to do a refrigerator repair:

Put too much weight on the door.

Keep hot food inside.

Leaving little space between the refrigerator and the wall, which will overload the refrigeration and, in the long run, can compromise the proper functioning of the appliance?

These are some fundamental guidelines to ensure the life of the device and avoid repairing appliances for as long as possible.


The stove, another large appliance, deserves extra attention when it comes to gas installation. This is one of the biggest reasons for repair and, to ensure the proper functioning of the device, it is necessary to avoid the occurrence of accidents involving the gas leak.

Another important point is related to cleaning. The stove nozzles must be cleaned frequently, but with the utmost care to prevent clogging and damage to the ducts that release the gas. Often, the lack of care in cleaning clogs these channels, making the nozzles useless and making the household chores difficult for those who need to cook many foods at once.

In this case, the alternative is to call a service provider specializing in appliance repair that works directly with stove maintenance. He is the one who will do the cleaning correctly and thus unblock the nozzle in an appropriate and safe way.


The microwave is a delicate device and, like appliances in general, requires a lot of attention to the instructions for use. Misuse of the microwave can cause both non-operation and serious accidents.


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