Inspiration and ideas for a cozy living room

A corner sofa, for example, already creates a cozy and cozy feeling in your living room. Because you can sit together with friends and family, the corner sofa becomes the piece of furniture in your living room that you will use the most.

Must-have corner sofa interior

During the winter months, use mood candles placed together in groups to create more fun. Poufs, decorative pillows and blankets can also make your living room seem much cozier and cozier in the cold winter months. A chaise longue or a large ottoman for the sofa make movie nights even more comfortable. Decorate your ottoman with a beautiful plaid of wool or another warm fabric in the colors of your interior. Using the top interior designer is important there.

You can of course make your home cozy with candles

Making your living room cozier can also be done very easily by using a rug. Choose a wonderfully soft and warm rug for the lounge area so that you will never have cold feet in summer and winter.

A rug is a real mood maker in your living room

Mood lighting is also an important element in the interior of your living room. Especially during the winter months, it is important that you use warm light instead of white and cold light.

Mood lighting-interior-inspiration-must-have

Natural materials and accessories create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Wicker baskets, plants in terrariums, wooden decorations and flowers give your living room a cozy look that your living room should not be missed.

  • Wicker baskets, rugs, lampshades. 
  • We see it more and more in interiors. 
  • A beautiful and durable material that has a very warm appearance. 
  • We are fans.

Dress up your living room with personal accessories and items such as books, souvenirs, heirlooms and colorful accessories to create more coziness.

Use sharp and straight lines in the interior of your living room. View your current interior and think for yourself which lines could be straighter. For instance; the dining room chairs, the table, accessories, materials and much more. Curved furniture is often not tight enough, but try to be straight angles and lines.

They are a star in making beautiful design furniture with sleek lines

Living room plants should not be missing: our advice

The design of your living room with plants is fun and makes for great atmosphere, and oxygen, in your living room. Every room in the house needs different plants and every plant is different too. Some prefer a humid environment and others like heat and light. So pay attention to which plant you choose for your living room. Take a look at your space and think about where you would like to place a plant. Ask yourself, is there a lot or little natural light there? Is that a warm or fresh place? With these answers you will come a long way in various garden centers.

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