What to Do Before You Call 24-hour Plumber Services

Do plumbers work at night? We sometimes ask this question, if we encounter a plumbing issue in the middle of the night. Luckily, the answer is yes. There are many 24-hour plumber Sydney service that you can call.

They can come to your house even at midnight, to assess the problem and provide a quick fix. Sometimes, they will provide a temporary solution to your plumbing issues. Then, they’ll just come back in the morning to complete the fix. But in most cases, they’ll handle the issue and give you advice on how to prevent it from happening again.

As such, 24-hr plumber services relieve you from stress and your properties from further damages. While waiting for a plumber, there are several measures you can do to control any backflow and leaks. Knowing them can save you from further costs and repairs. Here’s a list of what to do before you call 24-hour plumber Sydney services.


You need to act fast in case you’ve encountered an emergency plumbing issue. When there’s a water leak, shut down the main water supply and valves right away. When there’s a gas leak, turn off the main gas line in your household.

You will also need to pull down your electric breaker to prevent either electrocution or fire. Clear any switches or wires along the path if possible. Do this with extra caution – you can wear cloth or leather gloves for safety.


Don’t just watch the water flowing or walk away from a gas leak. You need to do some quick remedy.

Try collecting the water in a bucket, cup, or anything you can use to catch and hold it.

Put some towels or rags around the area to prevent the water from spreading. Flushing the toilet several times can also control the water flow. It may drain the water supply on the burst pipe.


Before calling 24-hour plumber services, assess the urgency of the repair. Turning off the main water supply can stop a water leak or an overflowing toilet. As such, you can just call a plumber in the morning. Sometimes, the trouble comes from a mainline water break or sewer blockage.

In these cases, you need to call your local water or sewer agency. It’s best to know first if they’ll cover the repair. Sometimes, you just need to report the issue because they may be unaware.

Below are the situations when you need to call 24-hour plumber services:

  • If there’s uncontrolled flooding that can damage items in your house, its landscape, and structure.
  • If the toilet overflows release contaminated water which can cause a risk to you and your family’s health.
  • If a sewer backup infiltrates the inside of your household, which, again, is a health hazard.
  • If the water heater problem is at a risk to cause fire or explosion.
  • Anytime there’s a gas leak. Never under-estimate a gas leak. It’s a big threat to fire and explosion.


Besides calling 24-hour plumber services, you must preempt any home insurance requirement if you have one for your home. These normally include documentation. List the damages that result from such plumbing problems. If you’re able to take a picture, it’ll be very helpful. Keep any job order or receipt given to you by the plumber. All these documents can validate your insurance claim.


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