How Affordable is Sewer Pipe Relining?

The sewer line is a household’s largest drain system. It transports all the wastewater from your house to the main sewers under the streets. This drain system is susceptible to different problems that may need repair or replacement.

Before, when a sewer pipe is broken, the repair costs a lot and disrupts normal household activities. There’s a need to dig the pipes, pull them out, and replace them with a new one. It will take time to do so and cost a lot of labour from the diggings to the restoration of the property landscape.

Nowadays, there’s no need to worry about such costly labour and home disruptions. With sewer pipe relining, plumbing specialists can fix a broken sewer pipe in just one day. It doesn’t need extensive digging, so you save the cost of labour and landscape restoration. It also won’t disrupt your home activities because it can only take a day to perform the process.

Let’s take a look at the signs of a damaged sewer pipe and sewer pipe relining cost.

Signs of a Damaged Sewer Pipe

Here are the 10 tell-tale signs of a damaged sewer pipe.

Cracks, Settlement, and Sinkholes

A leaking sewer pipe can cause a crack, settlement, or sinkhole on the foundations of your house.

Insects and Rodents Infestation

Cockroaches and rodent infestation can also be a sign of a broken sewer pipe. They live in sewer lines and come out because of a crack or break on the pipe.

Mould Growth

Moulds grow because of humidity. If you see them on the floors or walls where your sewer pipe is lined up, there may be a break on your sewer pipe.

Septic Waste Pooling in Yard

This is a very obvious sign of a damaged sewer pipeline. If wastewater is pooling in your yard, it may be caused by a broken septic tank, a clogged drain field, or a cracked main sewer pipe.

Sewer backups and blockages

Sewer backups commonly happen in the lowest open drain. It is caused by a blockage along your sewer line. If you experience an isolated backup on your bathroom or sink drain or whenever you flush a toilet, the problem is just on the specific pipe connected to that drain.

But if you experience backups on most of your drains, sinks, and toilets, then it’s most likely a backup and blockage on the main sewer line. Experiencing regular backups is also a sign of a deteriorating sewer pipeline.

Sewer Odour

Smelling sewer gas inside and outside your house signals a crack within a sewer pipeline. Sanitary sewers must be airtight as the odour they emit can be hazardous to health.

Slow Drain

When your bathtub, drain, or toilet is slowly draining, it’s most likely that a block is forming on your sewer pipe. Such a block can eventually eat away the pipe and break it.

How Affordable is Sewer Pipe Relining?

A sewer pipe relining cost initially includes an upfront fee for a CCTV inspection. This is to determine the exact problem in your sewer line. It runs from $300 to $400. But it’ll give a clear view of the cost, complexity, and location of your sewer pipe problem.

The actual process of a sewer pipe relining cost is around $80 to $250 per foot. On average the sewer pipe relining cost is around $1,073 to $4,054 for a sewer pipe repair. While the average sewer pipe relining cost is around $3,000 to $25,000 for a sewer pipe replacement.

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