Strategizing Successful Mosquito Pest Control: The Best & Effective Ways to Protect Your Home


Find out how you can successfully strategize pest control and how to say goodbye to the annoying, deadly mosquitos – finally for good!

In the current case of the pandemic outbreak, getting rid of mosquitos is just as important as a part of securing your home’s safety. So calling for a reliable professional pest control near you is essential to make it happen!

Mosquitos are known to fly in your face or close to your ears, circle around over your head, bite at almost any exposed skin of your body and are just overall irritating pests. They love to feed on blood of, generally, any host (animals and humans). The itchy mosquito bites can also make us go crazy even more so it is very crucial to prevent them from being a constant annoyance and possible carrier of transmitted diseases. However, you have to keep your guard up not only during summer because according to a three-year study by University of Sydney researchers,  Australia has a variety of ‘home grown’ mosquitoes that can be quite active all-year-round as pervasive pests.

Getting Rid of Mosquitos (Best and Effective from Pest Control Sydney Experts!) 

Mosquitoes are little creatures that are powerful enough to infest your home and they can also be the deadliest pest as they spread illnesses creating health risks, aside from ruining the peace and the “happy-home” vibe you deserve.  So, let us share with you the following pest control methods (which are the best and effective!) against mosquitoes.

  1. Understanding the Basic Mosquito Preventive Methods

For a very persistent pest, they can use various ways to enter and infest your home. Other than the doors and windows, even the smallest hole in screens can potentially be an easy access point for mosquitoes. Like any other pests, there are attractants that invites them in into your residence or property. That is why, it is important that you know what are the things that lure them in and acquire knowledge about mosquito management!

  • Eliminating mosquito habitat

We must be careful not to create new underground habitats for this pest mosquito says Dr Cameron Webb, team leader of the 3-year study of University of Sydney, which has been published in the Australian Journal of Entomology 

You have to minimize the risk of potentially having mosquitoes build their habitat within the premises or inside your home. We all know that mosquitoes lay their eggs and build their common grounds specifically in almost any areas or sources with stagnant water. Reduce their chances by frequently checking:

  • Watering Cans
  • Flower Pots
  • Animal drinking bowls
  • Bird baths
  • Wading pools
  • Or ang unused containers that may hold water.

All of the mentioned places can become a breeding ground for them. Outdoor leaks are known to be the biggest problem one faces in the summer time. Hence, you should check the leaky outdoor and some other kind of plumbing problems. It’s your responsibility to inspect all the faucets regarding dripping water.

  • Knowing the major mosquito attractants

Other than stagnant water, they are also attracted to sugary liquids of all kinds and the detection of carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as body heat. Once they’ve detected these, they automatically know that there’s a warm-blooded mammal or host they can get their meal nearby.

  1. Take Action by Developing Mosquito Preventive Treatments

You have to develop key strategies to prevent mosquitoes from entering and infesting your house.  Such meticulous approach can effectively eliminate mosquitoes from the get-go wherein you can incorporate the following treatments:

  • Mosquito Traps and Natural Repellents  – This includes natural remedies you can use tk get rid of mosquitoes. One of the great example of insect repellents for years are essential oils such as Tea tree oil, Lemon Eucalyptus oil, and Lavender Oil. There are mosquito traps such as the fine mesh mosquito net, silicon caulking on cracks and crevices, as well as the use of commercialized mosquito sprays.
  • Larviciding – This kind of treatment targets to control the development of mosquitoes’ larvae with the use of larvicides in which may come in forms of liquid products, tablets, pellets, briquettes and granules. It particularly works by eradicating mosquito larvae and pupae before they can grow into potentially infectious adult mosquitoes.
  • Thermal Fogging – This treatment is specifically carried out by fogging breeding grounds and infested areas. It is categorized into two types of fogging, the Water-based Thermal Fogging and Diesel-based Thermal Fogging. The fogging system is technologically develop to curb the population and interrupt the transmission cycle which also aim to a cross-sectional treatment of fumigation.

All these treatment can be use as your preventive measure against the annoying mosquitoes, howevers if there is a 100% full-proof (and a sure-way!) to get rid of them that would be calling in for the assistance of professional service from pest control experts.

  1. Look for a Trusted (and Reliable!) Pest Control Experts

Call, arrange an appointment and hire a reliable Commercial Pest Control Sydney Company. Ensuring the safety of your family and the importance of fast yet effective treatment is highly essential. Eliminate the stress or any mosquito concerns by contacting Safe Pest Control, Australia’s leading mosquito exterminators and fully licensed Pest control professionals! With quality workmanship, affordable service rates and accommodating staff you can trust to care for your home. For years, we’ve been providing service for Pest control Eastern suburbs, Pest control Hills District, Pest control Inner West, Pest Control Northern Beaches, and almost all over Australia.

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