Most Common Roofing Problems During Winter

Our roof has one of the most crucial roles in our home; apart from being our primary protection, it also stands as the first-line defense to any harmful factors that can affect the interior parts of our house. However, as climate change continues to challenge its resilience and our negligence in maintaining its good state is off-track, our roof’s quality drops down.

Our roof keeps us safe from rain, melting heat of the sun, and cold winter snows, which is why preserving its good condition is a must for every homeowner. On the other hand, you won’t probably expect this, but the winter season can severely damage your roofing, especially when condensation happens.

This trouble primarily happens when a roofing product is not adequately separated; its attic is one of the most affected ones leading to some mildew and molds gathering around destroying your home. While many may not notice this; worse got neglected, condensation can cause not just leaks but also health problems.

Aside from condensation, leaks from improperly installed flashings are also a problem. Better consider checking on your roof every once in a while or hire the finest Toms River Roofer. Also, watch after the strong wind; apart from heavy snowfall, extreme wind can also occur during the winter season. It is imperative particularly for homeowners who have asphalt shingles, a blast of cold wind can potential loosen up some of your roof’s components. However, the hazards don’t stop there, as the stiff breeze can also lead to tree branches falling on your roof, resulting in further damages.

From condensation and blasting winds to ice clogs, winter is harmful and unsafe on our roofing. Since these ice dams can lead to severe seclusion, your attic is severely affected. Moreover, as the heat turn snow to liquid, there’s a high potential of leakage as it reaches the gutter affecting the interior part of your houses, such as your wall and ceiling. Better have the best roofing products and service providers in the city like the Toms River NJ Roofer.

Avoid all these complications and educate yourself with the essential tips we brought together on the infographic from All County Exteriors.



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