How to Design a Family-Friendly Living Room


Designing a beautiful home can be tricky when you have young children or pets. One minute you’re thinking of getting the latest furniture, and the next you’re wondering whether they come with family-friendly features. 

Every parent wants a space that’s both functional and safe. The truth is that you don’t have to sacrifice what matters to you before you can create a family-friendly home. Perhaps you already have kids or planning to start a family, this guide is for you. 


  • Infuse your style


Designing a haven for your kids shouldn’t restrict you from incorporating your style with creativity. After all, you will likely spend a lot of time in your living room than in any other room. Given this, shop classic décor pieces from

You can rest assured that you will end up with the living room of your dreams once you take this step. 


  • Invest in soft seating 


Your best bet is to buy soft sofas, ottoman, and cushions if you have kids. Some of this furniture may come with interior storage options which will help you to reduce clutter.

Another thing is that you should avoid furniture with shard edges, especially if you have toddlers. Consider replacing your coffee table with a round one or poufs. 

The fabric you choose for your furniture matters. It’s important to choose materials like leather that are practical, durable, and easy to clean. Besides, fabrics with busy patterns will conceal stains, scratches, and other blemishes.  

You can also add a few throw pillows of complementary colors and textures in your living room. 


  • Display your kids’ art 


What better way to make your children feel proud of their accomplishment than hanging them in your living room. Insert their artwork in attractive frames to give them a polished look.

You may decide to position them separately or include them in your wall art gallery alongside your family photos. 

This can even inspire them to be more creative and boost their confidence. Your kids’ colorful pieces can serve as a focal point and will soften the look of any room.   


  • Dark-colored rugs work best


The rugs you choose must be easy to maintain with the ability to withstand heavy wear. Ensure that they don’t contain toxic chemicals. Natural fiber or wool rug won’t get stained easily, unlike synthetic fibers. Rugs will also come in handy if you have pets.  

The key is to settle for a rug with color, pattern, and size that is appropriate for your living room.  


  • Establish a play zone 


Your living room should be relaxing for your family and guests without looking tacky. It’s possible to create a play zone in your living room even if space is at a premium. Remember to create a cozy zone for your pets if you have any.

You can simply convert a corner in your living room or the area under the stairs for your kids’ play zone. This will make it easier for you to supervise them.

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