How Often Should you Paint your Home’s Exterior

In terms of home maintenance, it’s important for both interior and exterior. If you want to enhance the look of your exterior, a nice coat of paint could do the trick. A professional painter will make it look beautiful and homey again. How long has it been since you last painted your exterior? Whether you want to improve your home’s curb appeal or just enjoy living in a well-kept abode, it might be time to contact Spray-Net to get your exterior walls painted. How often should you do this? The answer depends on some factors such as your exterior finish, the quality of the current paint and the last paint job, as well as your location. Keep reading to learn more about these factors and how they dictate the need to repaint your exterior:

Quality of Paint and Paint Job

When you use low-quality paint, you may have to repaint your exterior every other year or so. High-quality paint can usually last at least five years without needing to be painted over. Low-quality paint is prone to blistering, cracking, fading, and peeling that can make your house looking old. Also, the way the paint was applied will affect the life of your exterior paint. Applying paint to wet, damp, and dirty surfaces will make it impossible for the paint to bond with the surface. As a result, they will peel easily.

Exterior Finish

How often you must paint your exterior walls also depends on the kind of finish your exterior has. For instance, wood siding needs to be repainted every three to seven years or stained around every four years. When not painted, brick requires occasional cleaning, though you must paint the trim. If you want to paint the brick, a great quality job should last 15 to 20 years. Aluminum siding can go around five years between paint jobs.


If you are in an area with hot, sunny summers, your home is exposed to the intense heat of the sun that can cause the paint to bubble and face more quickly. This is especially possible for darker hues, oil-based paint, and synthetic pigments. Also, harsh winters, extreme humidity, frequent storms, salty ocean breezes, and blowing sand can also age the paint.

To know when it is time to repaint your home, inspect the interior regularly for danger signs such as rot, dampness, mold, chalkiness, and others. Make sure to have them treated immediately and keep moisture out by caulking and sealing.


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