Five Tips to Help you Choose the Right Tiles for you Kitchen

Installing tiles in your kitchen will improve the look of the space and enhance its safety. But, there are many tiling options for kitchens on the market and choosing the right is paramount to achieve your desired outcome. When buying tiles for your kitchen, keep the following tips in mind to make the right choice:

Pick the Right Tile Material

Tiles can be made from materials such as slate, pebbles, granite, ceramic, marble, and others. However, ceramic tiles tend to provide the best quality and price ratio. These tiles are durable, easy to clean, affordable, and strong which are necessary for a kitchen. Ceramic tiles are best for both the floor and walls. 

Prioritise Quality

When buying tiles, do not take the price as your only deciding factor. Compromising on quality is a no-no especially when it comes to tiles. Keep in mind that your chosen kitchen tiles are subjected to heavy loads and plenty of dirt and moisture. Thus, you need high-quality tiles that can withstand these challenges. Club Ceramic floor tiles have high levels of strength and water-resistance. 

Check the Tiles’ Integrity

Ideally, it is best to buy tiles from the manufacturer’s outlet stores. Buying tiles from outdoor markets may leave you getting low-quality ones that will only last for a short time. But, wherever you choose to buy tiles, make sure to check their integrity carefully. Tiles are quite brittle so some may have damage or chipped edges as a result of mishandling. 

Pick the Right Tile Size

Big wall tiles are the trend but they might not fit your kitchen if you have lots of sockets and fittings to cut around. Also, large tiles are quite heavy so ensure your walls can hold the load. Meanwhile, small and heavily-patterned tiles will make your kitchen look cluttered and smaller than it really is. To get the tile size right, consider the size of your kitchen and the available space. 

Plan in Advance

Ideally, you want to know in advance which manufacturer, pattern, and colour to choose before you head to a tile store. This way, you only need to estimate the number of tiles t buy. Experts often recommend getting 10 percent more tiles than you need. Spare tiles are important in case some of them break during installation and cutting. Having spare tiles will ensure you don’t have to go to the tile store again to buy tiles of exactly the same colour and pattern. 


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