Wood Flooring Options That Are Best Suit With Your Modern Home

Wood gives a timeless and classic charm to a house that many homeowners admire. Installing wood floors in your house helps you to enjoy additional heat, comfort, and quality. Whether you are considering in floor radiant heating or simply solid board wood floors, you should know the options available to determine what’s perfect for your home.

Let’s take a look on diverse types of solid wood species that you can choose from for your flooring:


The ability to resist wear and heavy use is one of the principal reasons folks prefer using Red Oak wood floors. Red oak is extremely hard which doesn’t easily dent. It is best suitable for those houses which don’t have several area rugs. You will find many color options and it works well with the warm floors and other elements in your house. Even you may either choose the factory-installed oak beams or the plank floors finished. The scratch and dent resistance features make it ideal for heavy foot transport areas like living areas, kitchens, and halls.


Consider Maple if you don’t want to stain your floor with dark shades.  It’s a non-porous type of wood that does not hold dark stains. It looks blotchy and unattractive when you use a dark stain on maple. Therefore, as it continues to age, maple turns yellow. The price is determined by the grade of maple. The price of maple floors can vary from 7 to 16 dollars per square foot.

  • PINE

Pine is generally softwood. Some of its species are hard, but it’s not that much hard to consider in hardwoods. Pine’s unique holes and knots add character to the flooring system, but the major drawback of pine is that it can easily be dented in areas with heavy furniture.

  • ASH

Ash is suitable for radiant floor heating systems due to its resilience. Ash is tougher than oak and has no very good patterns of grain. It can easily hold stain colors. Ash, however, is often more costly than oak floors. It is also recommended for living areas, corridors, bathrooms, and kitchens as it is incredibly hard.


Bamboo floors are pretty popular even today. Bamboos can be painted to make it as hard as the other wood species such as oak. It is perfectly suitable for homes with a contemporary atmosphere. Bamboo is such a flexible material as it can be painted in diverse colors and hand-scraped to give it an exclusive color and texture.

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