Who are the famous acrylic artists and their acrylic paintings?

Initially in the 1940s, when acrylic came to the market, many preferred to use it for domestic paintings. But soon, the unusual strength, durability and above all, the fast-drying quality of acrylic attracted the interests of famous painters, and eventually, acrylic stood behind the names of a couple of famous painters and their acrylic paintings. Indeed, acrylic paintings are excellent for their colour, brilliant because of transparency, and long lasting if used as lamination. Contact glass pictures from Big Acrylic for the glass picture decoration of your house.

Initially, there was no watercolour associated with acrylic. In the year 1955, Permanent Pigment Company introduced the first water-based painting called Liquitex” for the use of artists. After a year, under the banner of Liquitex, the first water-based acrylic fluid paints were introduced in the market which can be found in the contemporary market to date. Since then, some of the famous artists who used acrylic as their favourite painting are as follows:

  • Drowning Girl by Roy Lichtenstein: Roy Lichtenstein, associated with the famous comic book Ben-Day dots in bringing the same to canvas pictured his best painting the “drowning girl” with the help of acrylic paints. His pictures particularly the drowning girl along with entire comic book eventually was very famous and popular.
  • The Elegy to the Spanish Republic by Robert Motherwell: This marvellous piece of art called “Elegy o the Spanish Republic” is so popular and in demand that you will hardly get a piece to see. We all read about it in the text or talk about it in the art class. It is said that he mixed graphite and charcoal in his acrylic painting to workout around 200 versions of this specific piece of arts.
  • Colours do the twist by Kenneth Noland: Kenneth Noland started an acrylic colour movement which eventually became of the most eminent and mesmerising artistic trends of the 20th century. The Noland promoted Washington Colour School Movement which became famous in Washington in 1960
  • Zing 1 by Bridget Riley: This simple looking but a marvellous piece of art is counted as one of the milestones in the field of artistic value. The Zing 1 and its geometric lines are the evidence of magnificent brilliance of acrylic paints.
  • Canyon by Helen Frankenthaler: Helen did some spellbound pieces of arts using acrylic paints. One of the famous works of Helen is Canyon.


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