What Kind of Main Door Would Suit Your House?

The front door is an integral part of the architecture of our houses. It is the very first thing you touch upon entering. Although we no longer pay attention to it, its role in interior design has been present for a century and plays an essential role. For both thermal and acoustic aspects, it provides fundamental insulation. Nowadays, the quality of the materials, the diversity of colours and lines, proudly sign the style of your home. It is possible to have fun and return our home to the traits of our personality. Here is what there is to know about this thousand-faceted room in addition to some tips for choosing the best door.

Plan Your Needs

Set a budget and stick to it choose the general look of the facade of your house. You can use the front door as a decorative element (glass door, armoured, eccentric colour). Choose from among the available materials: wood, PVC, aluminium, steel, fibreglass, or a mix of materials. Check the standards in force according to your city and your municipality. Also, make sure the door is professionally installed. Finally, be realistic with your knowledge and manual skills.

The main functions of the front door

The anti-intrusion function

This function is essential in addition to being the oldest.

The insulating function

The front door has an insulating function against cold drafts. It thus serves to conserve the ambient heat in the house.

The acoustic function

It helps when needed with discretion and silence.

The fire safety function

Today, some models are specialised. Reinforced or armoured, they are created to resist fire longer. More often referred to as fire doors.

The decorative function

The front door brings personality to your home. Know how to use it.

The different front door models

The full front door

Massive in appearance, this type of door offers a very secure appearance. This is more so important for HDB main door, where it will be the one guarding your home from potential threats like robbers and possible break-ins . It is a regularly used choice for HDB owners in Singapore. 

The semi-glazed door

This model offers a little lighter. It is an ideal arrangement between the solid door and the glass door. It ensures safety, insulation, and aesthetics.

The glass front door

The glass door brings a lot of light, aesthetics, and lightness. However, it remains a safe gateway thanks to glass manufacturing processes.

A safe gateway

According to statistics, 80% of burglars go through the front door. Here are a variety of burglar-resistant devices to combine with your door:

The lock

Locks must meet security standards. These standards calculate the minimum allowable requirements for the operation of the lock. We find, among other things, the resistance time against an intrusion, ranging from traction to impacts. There are 3 main degrees, from class 1 to 3. The qualifiers attached to the degrees are from residential security to extra robust commercial security assurance.

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