Understand Different Kinds Of Balustrade And Which One Is Your Best Option!

Balustrades are a type of a fence that can often add the finish to the stairs, the balconies and the fence and are necessary for protection. There are rigorous design and construction criteria for balustrades in inner west Sydney. There are also a variety of materials to consider if you want (or need) your home to be balustraded. Some of the most common types of balustrades, their implementations, advantages and disadvantages are present.



Laws for balustrade vary depending on the height of the surface or the ground. Generally, the Building Codes laws require a balustrades inner west Sydney of at least one meter of height where the difference in height from a balcony or deck to the floor or another lower level is a metre.

The preservation of walls does not necessitate a balustrade even if they are connected to a path from or between buildings. If there is a chance of someone slipping from the retaining wall it is always a good idea to have a balustrade or another obstacle.

Which are the balustrades types?


Balustrades vary in the materials they are made from, and there are clearly different advantages.

Wrought Iron:

These balustrades can be finished and customized in a range of colours. They are a stylish way to provide a deck or balcony security. Wrought iron is solid and durable metal and can withstand all weather conditions, in comparison to aluminium and wood which can rot and rust.


Glass balustrades inner west Sydney give a traditional, modern look that provides unimpeded views and is fairly safe because they are made of toughened glass and children can not pass. They are also a wind barrier, especially during winter, to create warmth in hilly or coastal areas.

The glass can be translucent, semi-transparent, grated, frosted or tinted according to the colour of your choice from a selection of glass panels that are semi-framed, fully framed ou frameless. Aluminium or stainless steel glass panel can also be framed and can also be backed by wooden materials. Framed panels are also available in a variety of balustrades designs and polo colours.



You might want to suggest wood balustrades if you’re using a more conventional design with a classic balustrades inner west Sydney look. You can paint them in the colour of your choice, and they can be cut, turned or made sleek to the left in keeping with your style of the balustrade.

Stainless Steel:

The stainless steel balustrades fit well with a variety of other materials, including wood and glass, is another popular option for their traditional appeal. They look timeless, can be used both externally and indoors and can be produced in a variety of clothes that prevent water from damaging the surface.


You can not pass aluminium balustrades inner west Sydney for a cost-effective option. This is extremely durable and can be used inside or outside your house (it won’t rust). Powder coating provides protection and produces a perfect glow for all weather conditions. The powder coating process also ensures that it is available in a wide variety of colours.

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