Tips on Hiring Residential House Painters

Did you know that painting the outside of your house can increase its value by up to five percent? But not any painting task will bring that type of value. Owners need to pick quality colors, and the task needs to be of professional quality, from the preparation to final touch-ups.

That is why it is pretty essential to hire painters to do it. But the bigger question is, how do property owners go about finding the best professional contractor? In “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain, Tom gets his loyal friends to paint his wooden fence by tricking them.

It probably will not bring the longevity and value homeowners are hoping to get out of their investment. That is why a lot of property owners choose to hire an expert professional contractor to do the job of painting their home’s exterior. So, let us get started.

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Shop around for a reputable contractor

Do not hire the first professional that comes along. Instead, people need to consider their options carefully before choosing which contractor to hire. As most experts say, get three to five quotes to compare and sleep on it before making the decision. That is why property owners need to consult a couple of contractors. Make sure that you ask for a written quote to paint the outside of the house.

Make the task clear

The purpose of collecting three or more different quotes for the task is to compare various choices. But it is imperative to ensure owners communicated what the task requires clearly to every contractor. Otherwise, they will not be able to compare the quotes accurately over the same task. The best way to avoid confusion is to make a list of the task. With this information, every contractor needs to provide the homeowner with an honest quote.

Be ready to provide to contractors:

The total square footage of the property under the roof.

The areas that need to be painted like the door casings, trim, garage doors, windows, doors, etc.

The level of gloss and color you want to use in every area mentioned above.

The time frame when you would like the task to be completed

The brand or quality of the paint to be used.

The types of home sidings like stucco, wood, brick, cinder block, vinyl, etc.

The areas of the house with issues that you know needs to be repaired.

Property owners need to make sure that the painting firm is licensed, insured, and bonded.

Is the cost of the materials separate? Flexible or flat rate? How do you want contractors to price you?

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Make that the payment is worked out up front

There are some ways companies provide estimates to paint a house. Homeowners must get the pricing, as well as the payment process worked out before the job starts. Otherwise, misunderstandings or miscommunications can cause conflict and problems. Some expert professionals provide estimates with flexible rates determined by the number of crew members and days needed to complete the task.

Some companies provide estimates determined by the materials used and the time of completion. And some firms provide a flat rate quotation where everything is built into the quotation with à la carte options that property owners can choose. People might find that some companies require an on-site inspection before they offer a quotation. Simultaneously, some firms will provide the prospective client with a quote during the phone interview.

It is recommended that the firm check the property with the owner to make sure they completely understand the task at hand when they are providing the estimate. Whether owners get an estimate over the phone or after the contractor finished inspecting the house, the quotation must be in black and white or in writing. It is best to get a flat rate or fixed-price estimate so people will know the maximum cost of the job.

Painting a house is a costly job, and hiring house painters might be a property owner’s only way to avoid making mistakes in the future. That is why finding one is as important as choosing the right color suits the homeowner’s taste and mood.

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