The Catastrophic Winter Storm Damage In Texas

Texas’s central and southern reaches usually do not see temperatures below twenty (20) degrees below zero in mid to late winter. Temples, meeting houses, churches, and town squares all stay closed during this time. Temples can be pretty cold, even in early spring, but a visit by snowfall does not appear to upset the balance.

The state’s top half experiences annual snowfall is at the highest amount in the northern Texas panhandle. Winter storms develop along the Gulf of Mexico coastline from Mexico City down the Texas coast over cooler eastern Texas.

Hail is a significant concern in many parts of the Lone Star State. Although the name “Hailstorm” may seem somewhat generic, Texas still has its fair share of solid thunderstorms and winter storms.

In February fourteen (14) to fifteen (15) 2021, a catastrophic winter storm took Texas by surprise. The authorities referred to the storm as the Winter Storm Uri that caused widespread impacts across the United States because of its major winter and ice rage. Natural Weather Service of the U.S declared that it led at least one hundred and seventy (170) million Americans placed under various winter weather alerts. On the sixteenth (16th) of February, there were at least twenty (20) direct and thirteen (13) indirect fatalities ascribed to the storm. The death toll had risen to one hundred and seventy-six (176) by April 30, 2021, including one hundred and sixty-four (164) Americans and twelve (12) Mexicans. Simultaneously, the winter storm damage caused is estimated to be at least $195 billion U.S dollars.

All these injuries and wrecked infrastructures made Winter Storm Uri the costliest and significant natural disaster in the recorded history of the United States.

Natural disasters are only expected. However, preparing for an unforeseen catastrophe can reduce both infrastructure and human damage.

Read the infographic below to learn more about the possible outcome of the unpreparedness for an inevitable winter storm and the precautions to do for everyone’s safety:


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