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Do you plan to use a housekeeping company for your business premises and wonder what services you can benefit from? From window cleaning to floor stripping, these housekeeping experts are able to make your environment healthy and clean.

Indeed, they have expertise in many areas which allows them to offer a wide selection of services, depending on the needs of your business. This selection most often includes the following services:

Washing your windows

Regardless of the height and dimensions of your windows, the housekeeping experts have the know-how and the necessary equipment to guarantee an optimal and professional window cleaning. Thus, you will find windows clean and without any trace, both outside and inside. For the use of the house cleaning scarborough service you can have the finest choice.

Floor and floor maintenance

In order to maintain the beauty of your floors and, above all, to provide a healthy environment for your employees and your customers, it is essential to have clean and well-maintained floors.

Passing the vacuum cleaner, the mop:

The housekeeping teams provide all the necessary care so that your floors and floors regain their beautiful appearance.

Dusting and disinfection of surfaces

Dust being one of the main enemies of a healthy and pleasant workplace, dusting furniture is an important point in housekeeping. For this, maintenance companies rid your premises of dust, in every corner. Furniture, blinds, computer, telephone, no detail is forgotten so that you can enjoy a clean and healthy place. Disinfectant products are then applied to eliminate the presence of bacteria.

Cleaning of kitchens and sanitary

Counter, sink, appliances, cupboards, toilets, faucets, mirrors, housekeeping services include the complete cleaning of your kitchen and sanitary facilities. Indeed, to ensure your well-being and that of your employees, it is important to ensure that this type of room is well maintained so as not to attract bacteria or other parasites.

Additional services

Much more than cleaning your furniture, windows and floors, housekeeping services also include additional services such as emptying bins and recycling bins. Indeed, these cleaning professionals are attentive to every detail so that you always feel good when you come back to work.

More information

As you can see, regardless of the type of business premises, from the offices to the cafeteria, the housekeeping teams offer a large number of services to help you maintain a healthy work environment.

On the other hand, if you only need certain services in particular, you can choose the ones you want to integrate into your application. So, for example, if you want help with washing your windows and cleaning your toilet only, you just have to ask for it.

Thus, you have the opportunity to opt for a complete service, for a complete cleaning of your premises where every nook will be inspected.

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