The Air Conditioning Installation Options You Have Been Looking for

The portable air conditioner cools the air by cooling it and removing moisture from it. The unit sucks in room air and blows it out two ways: cooled air back to the apartment and hot air out of the exhaust pipe.

The cost of using a portable air conditioner can be surprising if the unit is not used energy efficiently and economically. With air conditioning system Colbert GA you can now come up with the best choices.

Before purchasing an air conditioner

  • Make sure the living room radiators are off or set to minimum.
  • The bathroom’s underfloor heating can be set lower in summer. Since indoor air is changed during the summer months was lower than in the winter, ensure adequate ventilation in wet areas.
  • Keep curtains and windows and doors closed during the day. Ventilate at night when it is cooler.
  • Switch off unnecessary electrical appliances and avoid heating the oven and sauna.

Take these into account when purchasing a portable air conditioner

The devices are multi-powerful. Select the device according to the intended use. If you only want to cool the bedrooms, a smaller unit will suffice.

Choose the most energy efficient (AG) device. The energy efficiency ratio (EER) stated on the energy label indicates the efficiency of the appliance. The higher is the number, the more energy efficient the device is.

Portable air conditioners are quite noisy. You should compare the sound levels (dB) of the devices.

Also check that the exhaust air pipe of the appliance is long enough for your intended use. However, the most energy efficient is to try to keep the exhaust air pipe as short as possible, because the longer the pipe, the more it radiates heat back into the apartment. Also make sure that the exhaust pipe is easy to attach to a ventilation window, for example.

Also pay attention to draining the drain water. Some devices collect water in a tank, which can be laborious to empty.

Take these things into account when using the air conditioner

Be sure to turn off the air conditioner when you are not in the room. As our customer, you can monitor your electricity consumption on our Customer Portal. By comparing your consumption before and after purchasing an air conditioner, you can assess the impact of the unit on your electricity consumption.

If your apartment is tight and the outlet of the air conditioner outlet pipe is well insulated, make sure that the air conditioner receives sufficient replacement air. If there is not enough replacement air available, the device can suck it out of a sewer, for example.

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