Smartest Options for the Perfect Polished Plastering Process Now

This phase for polished plastering is one of the most annoying. The master will never tell you exactly and precisely what you need to buy. After you arrive from the store with the supplies, he’ll look at you and ask “did you buy the 100 glove?” And you will want to slap the bastard because he had never spoken of any glove. As much as the RT engineer or yourself goes into calculating how much you will need each thinggloves, 90 degree knees, 45 degree knees, records, etc.there will always be something missing when the guys go. Assemble the pipes. Other than that, they rarely make mistakes, and then it’s hard to take advantage of anything from a piece of pipe that needed to be cut off. You can now check this website  for the best results.

The solution?

Then make a prior arrangement with the owner of the nearest construction store, or with the builder’s preferred supplier, so that when something is missing in the nick of time, they can go and pick it up. you pay later. Or let the builder pay and you settle with him later. Yeah, have to trust, do what? Store personnel are understanding about this and do not create problems.

Purchase raw hot and cold water material (pipes, PVC glue, knees, tees, flush valves, logs, plugs, water tank material)

Records that control water in an entire environment are drawer; Shower taps are pressure records. For traditional reasons, records use inch-sized threads, while PVC pipes (weldable with PVC glue, hence the name “glue” for fittings) are already sold with millimeter measurements, and to bond with each other you need to use glue thread adapters. The pressure record needs an adapter and an LR sleeve (those made of blue plastic, which have a metal thread inside at one end); and the drawer register carries two adapters.

Do not forget to include in the sewer pipe calculations (usually 40mm) the ventilation columns, which must start from the floor pipe to some air outlet point above the roof of the house. Without these columns, chances are good you will have a bathroom with that pleasant scent of shit. If the system air has nowhere to go, it will return through the drains, for example.

  • If not already done, buy switch boxes, octagonal boxes for wall lighting (single height), more conduits if necessary, power distribution board (usually recessed, observe conduit entries) and telephone panel.
  • Define and discuss extensively with the master and installer where the sockets, switches and their respective luminaires, TV and telephone antenna outputs, intercom and alarm points, etc. will be located. It doesn’t have to be all the same as the project, but the changes need to be made very clear.
  • Define the exact locations of the water outlets, especially their height, according to the type of sink that will be used. There are wall taps, which should be placed higher than the sink, and table taps, which are installed in the sink itself, connected to the water outlet by an appropriate hose, and therefore require the water outlet to be lower than the sink. In toilets, the flush relief valve should be approximately 100cm from the floor.

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