If you are coming here after reading part one of checking your roof for any damage and confirming whether you need to find expert roofers lanarkshire or not, stay here. In this portion, we well be discussing and acknowledging you about the exterior roof checkup right after doing an interior roof checkup.

Feel lucky if you end up finding not a single damaging sign during interior roof checkup. But for the safe side, it is important to carry out an exterior roof checkup in order to eliminate even the minor need of bringing roofers glasgow home. Evaluating your exterior roof will help you determine those damages that were messing up with your roof secretly and already reached at the top. 

Exterior roof checkups are often referred to as money-savers. This is because they aid in identifying any kind of “roof damage” even before it becomes an actual damage and need professional roofers lanarkshire on a quick notice. 

Having the right equipment and being a responsible as well as physical active homeowner, it is highly recommended to pay regular attention to your roof exteriorly. But if you face any physical challenge or not in a condition of carrying out safe roof checkup then look for reliable roofers glasgow to do the job for you. Mostly the roofers lanarkshire do it for free. 

Here are some major signs you need to evaluate on the exterior of your roof:

    • First, look for the same dark stains and streaks on the outer side that your looked for during the interior checkup. If you detect any of the dark streaks and stains, it is an indication towards water damage and need of roofers lanarkshire. 
    • Next, look for any of these signs; rotten tiles, sagging points, dark stains, and soft surface. All these signs clearly indicate water leakage and damage already done excessively to the roof. In such a situation, never prolong the roof repair or replacement process and call roofers glasgow as soon as possible. 
    • If you have a wooden or asphalt roof, rotting can be most common sign to detect. Evaluate the roof for signs of decaying and rotting which include; broken tiles, missing tiles, rotten tiles, or any kind of mold-buildup on a group of tiles. All these symptoms confirm rotting and need of roofers lanarkshire. 


  • In the case of shingle roofs, common sign of damage is decay and cracks. Evaluate spots that shows missing shingles and also shingles with cracks, curls, or even misplaced ones. All these signs need quick repair or even entire roof replacement by professional roofers glasgow. 
  • Another important step to carry out is look around the base of your chimney where flashing is the most commonly damaged spot. This is because flashing is usually made up of roof tar or cement hence, becomes more vulnerable to moisture damage. For this damage, expert roofing lanarkshire team will replace the system with a metal one which is more durable.



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