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It is excellent to break with the common bathroom decoration by using elements that attract attention on the shower wall as shown in the following image. In the image on the right we can see the illumination and life produced by the blue colored squares.

Integrate the shower into any space

There are times, due to the structure of the house and specifically that of the bathroom, it is really difficult to have a bathtub in the toilet due to the fact that it does not fit through the structure of the room. Well, this is not a problem, since we can change the bathtub for a shower that is easier to integrate in any corner or place.

Extra-flat designs for your shower tray

With an extra-flat type shower tray, in addition to being a high-level decoration and trend factor, its functionality makes cleaning easier after use, thus eliminating the accumulation of dirt. 

Dirt in the corners or corners

The development of the professional image of the doctor through the office can be decisive in the patient’s behavior in terms of trust relationships.

The development of the professional image of the doctor through the composition of the office can be one of the most outstanding tools in generating trust among individuals in your community. Likewise, the proper management of space, design, color and all the machinery involved in each of the aspects that unfold in the facilities of your sanatorium can have a positive impact on the perception and behavior of the patient.

For this reason, the editorial team has prepared a series of recommendations in order to improve the workspace where, in addition to saving lives, doctors, staff and patients spend a lot of time throughout the day.

Light input

Undoubtedly, one of the main needs that the doctor must identify in order to improve the quality of the space that the office includes, is the entry of light in each of the rooms. From the window, the skylights and the dome. Each of these situations, in addition to giving life to the place, translates into a benefit for your pocket at the moment the receipt arrives.


The texture and appearance of the floor will depend a lot on the color of the walls; try to counteract it. A very important recommendation is to combine wooden floors with light colors. If possible, avoid placing unnecessary objects on the floor, you will be surprised with all the space you will save, if there are objects on the floor try to put them on high shelves.


This aspect is decisive in interior decoration. You can use two to three to create dimensions in a room as long as it is a large room, if the rooms are smaller, choose to use a different color in each of the rooms.


Details are very important in interior decoration, you can use fabrics or tapestries to give a personal touch to each of the rooms. If you can, use boldly patterned cushions and use fabrics to simulate depth.


This aspect is essential and must be very consistent with the image that you intend to shine. Whether it is rustic, minimalist or conservative, the use of the right furniture is the perfect ally to improve the professional image of your office.

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