Important Points You Should Do While Caring For Quartz Countertops

Time has really changed. There are varieties to choose from when it comes to changing your home interiors. People would definitely call for durable and beautiful products when it comes to changing the look of your house. Gone are the days when one used to rely on fewer options such as granite, marble, limestone, slate and others. Your house demands a change now and people are moving to quartz stone – the most durable stone for your kitchen interiors. You can choose from a wide list at online platforms such as cambria quartz selection

There are ways to maintain this type of stone if used to refurnish your kitchen interiors:


  • Read the Maintenance Instructions Carefully


Quartz comes with a Warranty Certificate alike any other engineered materials for construction. This also includes a point-to-point instruction on what mistakes can you avoid after installing quartz in your house. It is advisable to go through and follow all the necessary instructions for a long term future investment in man-made quartz stone’s appliances. This also ensures the durability of the product and will keep the appearance healthy and attractive for a longer time.


  • Do Not Use Harsh Cleaning Pads On Quartz Surface 


There are many stones available at multiple centers such as cambria quartz selection and each comes with a unique set of instructions. These instructions keep changing from one material to another due to the content of the stone. For quartz countertops, it is always advisable to avoid harsh kitchen cleaning pads or brushes, particularly the ones made of steel or other hard materials. This will damage the polish over the quartz stone and will further damage its appearance. 


  • Avoid Sealing The Surface Of Quartz


Yes, natural stones like Granite come with a sealer. Quartz does not need any sealer. In fact, the factory polishing done by its manufacturer lasts for years and you can maintain it only if you clean its surface with quartz cleaner. The more you keep it away from any hardcore chemicals, the more its durability will increase. 

Following the above instructions will help you in caring for quartz countertops in the most effective way.   

Paul Petersen

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