How to Organize Your Home to Create More Storage

Want to keep your home organized with more storage options?

But there’s no right way to keep your home organized. It all depends on your lifestyle, habits, and tastes. For example, the storage ideas by your neighbour might not work for your home.

Luckily, there are some tried and tested strategies that can add to the efficiency of any system. From spotting the clutter hot spots to using some clever methods of organizing the things, we have rounded up here some effective approaches to make your abode organized to help you save money, time and hassles that stem from residing in a den of chaos.

Make It Easier to Put Stuff Away:

Sometimes a “messed up” house is the result of our own habits. Kids throw their clothes away on the bed. We often forget to pack off cooking supply. The tools are not taken off the floor.

In this scenario, you need to make everything a one-handed operation. You can put your laundry basket in the front of the closet, rather than hiding it. Or you can use an open bin that you can toss your clothes in from across the room. Prefer open containers for things you regularly use like cosmetics and cooking supplies. Choose a garbage can with a lever you can step on to open the lid.

Start from One Room:

If you have multiple rooms in your home to be organized, start with just one room. It can be the area that is the most chaotic, or the room being seen by the guests. Whatever your requirements, start in one room and stick to it. Otherwise, it will be overwhelming to get started with the cleaning of the entire house. Maybe you give up. Focus on one area, clean it and move to the next.

Use Container Organizer in Drawers:

Generally, all drawers come with a container organizer system. From wood, wire mesh or clear plastic, they are available in any material you want. It lets you separate the drawers into defined areas for specific belonging, meaning that you don’t need to throw everything into one big space.

A bedroom drawer’s organizer can store everyday items like socks and underwear. Moving to the bathroom, keep cotton swabs and routine items on the counter, and things you use occasionally under the cabinet.

Remove Clutter Prone Spots:

Flat surfaces like entryway table, kitchen counters and dining room table is likely to accumulate things faster than any other spot in the house. Therefore, clear the things off all these flat surfaces.

If this preventive maintenance doesn’t work, you can block these surfaces to prevent them from becoming a clutter hotspot. For example, if you place a flower arrangement in the middle of the dining room table and set it with placemats, it is a message that space is not a dumping zone anymore.

Use Clever Organization Ideas:

There are many clever organization ideas you can use to store your items. For example:

  • Use photo shortage boxes to sort and store threads, buttons, trims and elastic.
  •  Store plastic grocery bags in an empty tissue bag.
  • Plastic school pencil boxes can be used to organize medicines. 


Take a look at all items across the home. Does it make sense to keep them in the house? Do I need them anymore, even in the future?

The point is here to get rid of useless or discarded things. It can be the old clothes of your kids or their broken toys not being in use anymore. It can be a faulty grandpa’s TV or worn-out sofa bed furniture. If you feel that they are beyond restoration, what’s in point to keep them in the home?

Giving them away not only create space but also looks your home more organized.

Buy Multipurpose Furniture:

Today’s pieces of furniture are versatile and let you save space and enjoy more convenience.

A sofa can be turned into a bed and saves you hassle when an overnight guest comes and you don’t have extra bedding. Wall-mounted shelves can take on different shapes while convertible coffee tables can be transformed into dining tables. Also known as modular furniture, they can be expanded and folded according to space.

Author Bio:
Naresh Prashar is marketing manager of E-Living Furniture, a leading online portal for affordable and elegant furniture for all types. Now a busy businessman, he loves to travel around the world and write on related topics whenever finds some time from his busy schedule.

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