How Do I Stop My Basement From Flooding?

Basement flooding is one of the disasters that homeowners dread. However, flooding can happen due to several reasons. Regardless of the amount of loss sustained during the flooding, it is crucial to contact water damage restoration professionals to fix the aftermath of the flooding.

With water damage restoration, it would be possible to repair structural damage caused by the flooding and prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which will cause health issues later. Her are 5 ways to stop your basement from flooding:

  1. Proper Drainage System

You should ensure that water can move quickly out of your home into the public sewage without any hassles. Create proper drainage for rainwater around your home to prevent water from standing and seeping into the foundation of the house. Ensure that the drainage is correctly created during your home’s basement waterproofing.

  1. Install Gutters and Extend Downspouts

Another way to stop your basement from flooding is by installing roof gutters to prevent water from dropping directly on the floor around our home. Besides, extend the downspouts a few feet away from the basement and the foundation of the building. This way, you would stop flooding in your basement for a long time.

  1. Ensure Correct Grade of Your Lawn 

A poor and incorrect grade of the lawn is another reason for flooding in the basement. To stop your basement from flooding, grade your lawn correctly by making it slope away from your building. This will ensure That run-off water does not move toward your house but away. As a result, your basement will be at a lower risk of flooding.

  1. Install a Sump Pump

Calling a professional to install a sump pump in your basement will ensure to keep your basement free from flooding. Water build-up will be pumped by the sump pump, which is usually installed in the lowest point of the basement for water to gather. However, you must ensure to provide back up power in case there is a power outage during a downpour. The sump pump will help to get rid of excess water in the basement.

Water damage restoration is crucial in any home with a history of flooding. Besides, follow the steps above to stop your basement from flooding. With the tips above, you would have peace of mind, and your home will not be vulnerable to flooding again.

Paul Petersen

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