How do I prepare for a window installation?

Installing new windows is all about attention to detail. And before we discuss how do you prepare for a window installation, you should know the following. It is best to avoid DIY approaches since it can damage your new windows and prevent you from accessing their benefits. Instead, it is best to use windows and doors companies to help you set up your new windows. If you’re not sure how to prepare your home for this, you should keep reading. Next, our windows and doors professionals share their insights on the topic!

Allow access to and from your windows.

The first thing you need to do is ensure there is smooth access to your windows. The technicians will need around two feet in front of each window so that they maneuver smoothly the items. Also, it is best to remove any furniture located near the installation site.

Remove window treatments

The second step you need to take to prepare for a window installation is removing your windows’ coverings. Curtains, blinds, roll-up shades, or any other type of window treatment needs to be removed before the windows and doors company arrives.

Restrict pets

If you own pets, it is best to keep them in a separate room. The windows technicians need to move around freely without worrying about stumbling upon your furry friends.

Prepare for dust and debris

Installing new windows comes with a bit of dust and debris. And even though the technicians might be careful, it is highly recommended to cover your furniture and other valuable items. Get ready for some disruption of your living space.

Check exterior plants

Houses with trees or bushes in front of windows are hard to access by windows contractors. This is why we recommend you check the landscape around the window. Making sure nothing is interfering with the access to the window is key for the installation’s success.

Clear the driveway                                                                        

The installation crew will require some space to set up your new windows. And we believe that the driveway is the best area to use. Remove any parked cars and ask the installation crew about how much space they might need.

Inquiry about arrival and departure times

Your windows and doors company will schedule your installation during a particular time of the day. Usually, they will come during the morning. Still, it is best to ask additional questions on this topic. It will ensure there will be someone home to meet the installation crew.

The bottom line

After your windows and doors company team arrives on-site, you can allow them to do their job. This means that it is highly recommended to avoid staying in their way. Maneuvering new windows is a sensitive job, and they need to be able to install your windows without interference. Keep in mind that each installation crew might have additional requests concerning the working space. So, discuss with your windows and doors company about choosing new windows and the required installation process.

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