How do I Know When My Roof Needs to be Replaced?

You might not know that you need a roofing overhaul, but you do. Sometimes it is pretty easy to notice the signs. For instance, you can easily spot the problem from your attic. Other times, some signs are so subtle that you might miss. Take a look at the signs that will tell you that your roof needs to be replaced.

1. Your roof is sagging

You should get the clue that your entire roofing system needs a replacement when you notice a sagging roof. Although a sagging roof could be an indication of structural problems, your sagging roof could also mean that you need a change in roofing.

2. When you can see rays of sunlight from your attic

This sign is pretty straight forward. If you can see rays of sunlight from your attic l, you should take that as a sign that you need a replacement. The deal is that if sunlight can get through your roof, snow, rain, and cold air can get in too. Check for water stains on the walls and roof joints after it rains to ascertain that you need to replace your roofing system.

3. When the shingles are covered with algae and moss

You can replace your roof if you don’t fancy the sight of algae and moss. Besides, new shingles are usually algae resistant. Do not wash or scrape off these greens. The granules will begin to chip off. If you cannot stand moss or algae on your singles, you should get a replacement. Consider roof tiles that are algae-resistant.

4. When you discover that the shingles are missing

On a good day, there’s no issue with replacing some shingles. However, you should know that it might be impossible to get new shingles that match the colour of the old ones. Although you can decide to patch shingles, you would get a checkerboard-like result. So, why not opt for a replacement?

5. When your roof is almost 25

The asphalt shingle roof can last for 20 to 30 years. Some might last up to 40 years, but it could have an issue that you might have missed out on. Once your roof is approaching 25 years, you have at least 5-10 years for a replacement.

6. Go back to the records

Revisit your home improvement documents to find out how long it has been since your roof was replaced. Knowing when the roof was done and the material it is made of can give you an idea of the time that you need. For instance, a roof installed over a layer of shingles should be replaced after 15 to 20 years.

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