House New and the Best party Arrangements for You

A new house is a wonderful occasion to celebrate. The Americans speak of a “Housewarming Party”, an auspicious reception to “warm up” the new environment. Invite your loved ones, organize a big party, decorate and decorate your home in an original way. An aperitif, a brunch, an outdoor lunch, a themed party: the important thing is to open the doors wide and enjoy every domestic space. Then it will be the time for your moving announcements.



A new kitchen makes you want to experiment with new recipes . You can opt for a sophisticated dinner or for quick and simple bites. If you have a garden, organize a barbecue or a practical buffet. Choose the right music and prepare the table. Let the party begin.

Ideas for the party

Organizing the reception for the new home requires a series of tips. For the party you have almost infinite possibilities: from the barbecue in the garden, to the formal dinner, from the buffet to the aperitif. In the first case you have to take care of the garden, getting everything you need. For dinner it is necessary to set up the mise en place most appropriate to the occasion while for the buffet dishes and accessories for “finger food” will be served.


The entertainment part is equally important. Decide everything in advance: if it is a themed party, decorate the house ad hoc and invite guests to introduce themselves with a particular outfit. Choose the right music or, if you are not very close, dedicate yourself to watching a movie. Never forget that the protagonist of the party is your home which must be transformed into a welcoming nest, a ballroom, a cinema, in the place of friendship and happiness.

Decorations for an Open House party

If you want to impress your guests, transform your home with decorations. For a party the classic balloons and garlands are always a good choice, but you can also dare and propose something innovative, original and imaginative. For such an occasion, the advice is to choose cheerful, bright and bright colors, to help create the right mood and make the atmosphere sparkling and jovial. So go for the housewarming party invites and let them your best house.


Open house decorations

Tips to make the party unforgettable in your new home

The party starts on the doorstep. Welcome your guests with decorations and a fun doormat, they will immediately feel at ease. Flowers are always a welcome element for decorations. Give up roses, more suitable for romantic moments, and opt for colorful tulips and violets for a touch of vitality. A great idea is to hang posters on the walls. If the party is themed, the prints will be chosen based on the topic, from vintage, to cinema, from art to historical characters. Decorate the walls and home furniture with the funniest photos of you and your friends to celebrate the best moments of your friendship.


Movies and TV series for friends

Movies and TV shows celebrating friendship are always fun to watch. Host your friends, sit on the sofa and spend hours in peace. Good vision.


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