House-Friendly Pets To Choose From

You’ve opened up your home to your kids, and now it’s time to extend your hospitality to a pet. The right one can add a sense of comfort and homeliness to any house, making it the perfect place to raise a family. Plus, you and your kids can learn a lot from feeding them, taking them for walks, and thinking about something other than yourself.

Of course, a house-friendly pet has to be just that – suitable for your home and lifestyle. There’s no point in buying something too big or dangerous or needy because it will cause more harm than good.

With that in mind, here are the most house-friendly pets.


Cats are independent and don’t need lots of attention. For families that are always on-the-go and never at home, they are perfect partners in crime. All you have to do is put out healthy food – you can find out more about organic grub by following the link – and install a catflap and this animal is ready to rock and roll. While they aren’t totally hands-free – litter box duties, etc., – they do offer more flexibility than dogs. And, they can be cuddly when the moment takes them. 


If it isn’t a cat, your pet will most likely be a dog. Independent animals are great, but some families require more attention because they are the needy ones! A dog is an excellent foil as it is friendly and loyal, just like a French bulldog puppy. Of course, you should do your research before buying one as certain breeds are more challenging than others. As a rule, a King Charles Spaniel gets along with anyone and bulldogs and pugs are both as tranquil as they are cuddly. House-training them is tough at times, yet it’s a good lesson for kids, as is walking them regularly. 


Not every home is set up for cats and dogs. Yours might be too small for a big animal such as a canine and too close to a busy road for a curious pet such as a cat. A turtle is a great partner because it is small and doesn’t require much room, yet it’s complicated to keep. After all, a turtle’s living conditions have to be just right for them to thrive. What this means is you get the benefit of loving a pet while getting a bonus of teaching responsibility to the whole family.


Birds are intelligent creatures that can teach humans a thing or two. A parakeet or a parrot can speak, which means it’s the perfect animal to add atmosphere to a home. With a talkative bird, you’ll never feel lonely or alone. Plus, some birds live for a very long time. For example, parrots can live for up to 25-years, which means the kids will fly the nest before they do! Having to deal with the death of a pet isn’t nice, so a bird can prevent you and the family from riding an emotional rollercoaster every couple of years.

What do you want from a pet? The key is to match your lifestyle with their personality traits.



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