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You can buy them in sentences, to assemble, in the form of stickers, written in 3d (wood or metal), or, for DIY lovers and for those who love creativity, it is possible to create words with the use of iron.

Arrange shelves and frames

  • An ideal solution to decorate the walls of the kitchen is to fix shelves, on which to place frames and decorative plates.
  • To give the room a personal style, it is advisable to paint the wall or shelves with a contrasting color.
  • A splendid idea is also to decorate the entire wall , in height and length, with shelves , frames, and various objects for a stunning effect, always using contrasting colors.

Frames and books for the headboard of the bed

To create an original bed headboard, very little is needed: apply contrasting frames to the wall with prints of your choice, and you’re done. And if you love to stand out, use open or closed books to make your headboard. Attention, in this type of realization it is very important to consider the space and the management of the frames with a view to linear shapes and geometries. With the home decor blog this is important.

Single painting or print

A single piece of art can be the ideal solution to decorate an entire wall. Whether it is a hand-painted picture or a print, to be the protagonist of the environment, it must have large dimensions. The painting can be framed, placed on the ground, applied to the wall, provided it has the dimensions suitable for the host environment.

3D frames

3D frames are unique elements to decorate a home wall. Depending on the subject they host, they can be applied to the walls of the different rooms of a house, from the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the children’s bedroom. An example? For the kitchen, the 3D frames made with colorful fabrics and ceramic plates are very nice.

Decorate the walls with maps

Geographical maps have a unique charm, they manage to transport you to a world made of dreams, travels, roads, islands, instilling a sense of pure freedom. Among other things, it is really easy to find, in the desired style, any map, from the classic ones that represent the world to the more unusual ones.

  • geographical maps can be prints, stickers or wallpapers, in any case they will infuse the environment with an unrivaled sense of freedom.
  • Guide to the choice of maps: ideas and examples.

Embellish with stickers and wall sticks

Adhesive decorations are ideal for renovating your home easily and quickly, saving time, effort and money.

  • Available in many shapes, colors and sizes, they are ideal for enriching a corner of the house in a few minutes without effort.
  • From contemporary decorations, to floral patterns, from landscapes to nice images, adhesive decorations can be applied in any environment, and are ready to give it a different look.

Guide: Adhesive decorations for walls

Decorate the house with photos

  • Inevitable family photos to decorate your home or those of your favorite subjects.
  • They represent a fun and inexpensive choice to show off all your memories.

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