Roman Blinds invention dates back to the Roman Empire. They are said to be an inspiration taken by the traditional designs by Romans. We all are well-aware of the fact that Romans were a really advanced community in all the spheres of life.

This type of Window Blinds is one of the lasting designs created by the great Romans. The Romans are said to create a lasting impact upon the contemporary world. Many of their designs made for several life impacts are still in use of the current modern world among which, Roman Blinds is also a famous one.

If we read the Roman Blinds history deep, it all began when the Colosseum was still carrying out the functions as a gladiator battle zone. At that time, the Romans used canvas shades (now Window Blinds) that were retractable in nature. These shades were meant to keep the audience under cool shade and protected from the Mediterranean sun.

These flexible canvas shades were made to move easily with the help of a system made up of ropes and pulleys. Eventually, this system and shades evolved into the modern-day Roman Blinds with the passage of time.

Roman Blinds are type of Window Blinds that are straightforward in nature without any complications. This window dressing has the main purpose of blocking the light passage and adding a perk of privacy. With their increased simplicity, Roman Blinds are capable of adding elegance to any room interior they are part of.

There are several types of Roman Shades from basic to highly customized and typical ones nut we will be discussing only a few of them today. The 7 main types of Window Blinds in the category of Roman Blinds are:

  1. RELAXED ROMAN BLINDS: This type of Window Blinds in Roman style is for more of a casual look and chic style. When relaxed Roman Blinds are pulled up, the blind’s fabric folds and tend to hang in a curve giving a friendly smile to you.
  1. FLAT ROMAN BLINDS: These Window Blinds are the most popular among all the other Roman Blinds types. They are simple and elegant with adding a traditional yet simple look to your room.
  1. LONDON ROMAN BLINDS: These Window Blinds have tails on its both sides with a relaxed middle part. London Roman Blinds are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
  1. TOP DOWN BOTTOM UP ROMAN BLINDS: They are the type of Window Blinds or shades that can be raised from the bottom while lowered from its top.
  1. CASCADE ROMAN BLINDS: They are another type of unique Roman Blinds offering a timeless look. These Window Blinds are available with aluminum dowels with handstitched seams.
  1. CELLULAR ROMAN BLINDS: These types of Roman Blinds have minimalist designing done which is ideal for all the room types. These Window Blinds are child-friendly and can be easily customized.
  1. ROLLING ROMAN BLINDS: These Window Blinds or shades are available with a flat contemporary and crisp design, perfect for modern homes.

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