Getting Spiders Out Of Your Home


There are at least 3,000 species of spiders found in the US, and they can nest in your home by accessing it through cracks and then getting into any dark areas, such as air vents, basements and crawl spaces. Although you may have to call in a processional exterminator if you have a spider infestation, there are also various ways to get rid of spiders yourself.

Vacuuming up webs and spider egg sacs is one of the simplest ways yo get rid if spiders in your home or garage. A glue trap can also trap jumping spiders and house spiders, although it should be discarded as soon as you’ve collected a few spiders in it. Your local garden or home improvement store has plenty pf insecticide sprays that can be applied around your house where you’ve seen spiders, although be careful when using these around pets.

There are various home remedies that are said to be effective to get rid of spiders. Horse chestnuts supposedly release a chemical that repels spiders, and several of these placed a key points around your home can help. Spraying your house with a few drops of peppermint oil in water is also effective, as is a spray of water mixed with vinegar. Eucalyptus oil, lemon juice and mint tea are also items you may already have in your kitchen that are effective in the fight against spiders, and you may also want to rub any spider infested areas with the peel from an orange.

It’s also a lot easier to try to keep spiders out of your home to begin with, rather than have to get rid of spiders. Because spiders tend to access the inside of your home through holes and cracks, patching these up as much as possible is recommended, including any around windows, electrical system cables and faucets. Fine mesh screens can be used to cover your chimneys and vents to keep insects out. Outdoor lights switched on can attract other pests that in turn can attract spiders; consider switching those outside lights off.

Spiders are attracted to vegetation, and one way to get rid of spiders is to move your vegetation away from your home. Leaves, stones and mulch also attract spiders; don’t have any of these too close to your home. And the cleaner the inside of your home is, the less likely it is to attract spiders. A dirty home with leftover food can attract ants and other pests, and that can lead to a spider problem, and leftover food should always be stored in airtight plastic containers. Piles of clothing, old newspapers and clutter in general tends to appeal to spiders, and a neat and tidy home is much less appealing to them.

If your spider problem is serious or you just can’t get rid of them yourself, it may be time to call the exterminator. A professional can not only get rid of the spiders in your home but can give you valuable tips to keep your home spider free.


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