As world is becoming a global village, it has given a comprehensive terrain to the people who are interested in buying and purchasing the real estate. Now, you van not only buy property in your homeland but whole world is open to you.

What is Citizenship by Residency and Golden Visa?

Citizenship by investment or attainting a residency of a certain offshore place by investment has come in vogue in the early 2000’s, when various European states provided options for off shore investment and subsequent attainment of citizenship. Each place has it’s pros and cons, various factors are at play when the option of golden visa is available. It can be a tough challenge, learning about a certain place from the outside, doing the risk analysis and drawing conclusions. One has to rely on trustworthy foreign real estate advisors. There are exclusive investment programs, the legal conditions and the whole timeline differs significantly with each country,

Similarly, the amount that is being invested and the relative outcomes also differ.

Before spending the money, one should be aware of the underlying feature and conditions of a program. There are various competitive options available.

There are several options for citizenship by investment or residency by investment around the globe. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages constitute a tough challenge while candidates try to choose. Through this process of choosing, it is important to have an idea about several programs. Each program offers a substantial amount of investment. Also, the advantages and disadvantages vary from program to program. Applicants have to be aware of the features of the programs to make the right investment in accordance with their needs and preferences. As economic citizenship becomes more and more popular, residency by investment programs get more competitive, too. Here is a list of 10 programs around the world that investors should take a look at before making a decision.

Spain’s Golden Visa Program:

Spain due to it’s geostrategic location and the climate has been a viable tourist spot for years. The government in order to harness the full potential and capacity of the land launched the Golden Visa Program in the year 2013. In order gain a residency in Spain, an initial investment of €500,000 is required. This investment earns the investor a visa that can be renewed after every two years. It takes the time of 5 years to gain permanent residency and to get citizenship 10 years are required.

Viable Investment Spot

Costa del Sol a coast in the southern region of Spain is a real state hotspot, it boasts to have a vibrant city life surrounding it. The region falls in the terrain of much known area of Mediterranean; the Andalusia. Marbella lies in the vicinity ofthe coast, the city that mixes the two jewels of nature, beaches and mountains. Spain is the best region to put your wealth in, it is because of the Mediterranean climate, the urban bounties and the natural blessings this place has to offer.

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