You should have no problem with septic tanks if you do proper maintenance, but ultimately all systems age. When a bad smell appears with a leak in the drainage field, you know you have serious problems.

Why does your septic tank break down?

Finally, the soil in a drainage field will no longer be able to accept water from the septic tank, and the organic matter will start to solidify in the soil instead of remaining liquid as it should be. This is a defect that must occur at the end of the life of a septic tank.

If a system is not properly maintained by regular pumping, and it is allowed to fill without proper pumping, organic matter will find its way from the reservoir to the drainage field much earlier. If the septic tank is filled, put the septic tank emptying cost in your budget. 

Ways to Know If Your Septic Tank System Breaks Down

One way is the smell. There may be an odor in the bathroom or in the sewers. You can also have a bad smell at home, without any indication of where the smell came from. Another way is when you leave and the smell gets stronger the closer you get to the septic tank

A slow flush toilet can also indicate a problem with the septic tank, especially if the drain cleaners or dives do not resolve the problem immediately.

Another indicator that there is a problem with the septic tank and you need to plan for septic tank emptying cost is the green grass above the septic drainage field. Although this is to be expected to a small extent, the grass is constantly lush, even in sunny climates, it is an indicator that the drainage field is sending liquid in the wrong direction.

How not to guarantee the life of a tank system

You should try to call the septic tank emptiers to pump your septic tank every 2 to 4 years, depending on the number of people living in the house.

Try not to use excess bleach or use too much detergent, which can damage the seals and the inside of the tank.

Do not place any vehicle or stone sidewalk on the area where the septic tank is buried in the ground, as this could cause leaks in the joint, which will be expensive to repair.

In general, the septic tank should last 20 to 30 years, as long as proper maintenance is maintained.

If your system breaks down, call the septic tank emptiers or the local government agency responsible for septic tanks in your area, and they can help you resolve your problem.


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