8 Questions to Ask Home Builders Before Construction Starts

Much goes into the residential construction process, and home builders should take time to answer every question that potential buyers have long before swinging a hammer. If you’re in the market for a new home, here are some common inquiries concerning the building process and beyond.

Key Questions for Home Builders

1. What are your company and contractor credentials?

You’ll want to know the company’s background, such as the number of years in business, the number of homes they’ve constructed and whether they are licensed and insured for customers and employees protection.

2. Are model homes ready to view?

It’s hard to envision a home from blueprints or photos, so as if there are comparable model homes the company has built that you can view nearby. You might have to see a home built for someone else by appointment to get a peek.

3. What about plan restrictions?

If you want to bring your own custom construction plans, you need to know if the builder works from such drafts. Some builders will only work with their company’s floor plans.

4. What features are standard?

Ask the builder about what type of energy-saving features or appliances they may plan to use. Be sure to consider all options and upgrades available early on to streamline construction.

5. What is the cutoff timeframe to make changes during construction?

Inevitably, there might be a key feature or upgrade that’s been overlooked. Ask just how long is too long to wait to get these goodies included in the project.

6. Can the site be visited during construction?

Curiosity concerning your home’s progress is natural. As the builder how often and how long you can pay a visit to the job site during construction.

7. Does the home come with any warranties?

Inquire how long the home will be under a structural warranty from the builder. You’ll also want to ask about warranties for major systems and appliances installed during construction.

8. Are there restrictions from the home builders or an HOA?

Don’t get stuck in a neighborhood with rules that you can’t live with. Ask home builders about any type of governing bodies, boards or other parties that may be able to dictate homeowner rules and regulations.

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