6 Interiors That Did The Eames Chair Replica Justice!

Anyone can get themselves an Eames Chair Replica, but few ever know how to properly feature it in their homes. You can’t just haphazardly place such an iconic piece of furniture in the dark recesses of your house. Instead, you must carefully construct an Insta-worthy ambiance around it. So, below we’ll take a look at 6 interiors that did the Eames Chair Replica justice:

  1. Going back to the midcentury

This beautiful midcentury style ambiance makes it feel like you’ve actually traveled back to the olden days – which is exactly why the Eames Chair Replica feels so at home within it. The classy neutral colored upholstery of the chair plays in perfect contrast with the bold black accent pieces and colorful book spines in the background. But it’s actually the white backdrop that adds a casual sophistication to the whole ambiance.

  1. Cozy eclectic

The eclectic style would make a great home for an Eames Chair Replica. It’s cozy, filled with intimate objects, and often has a lot f dynamic visuals thanks to its mismatched accessorizing. The chair would fit right in, as seen in this image. The white and brown of the chair complements the artful clutter and gorgeous textures that have been strategically placed around the space quite beautifully!

  1. Homely contemporary

A sleek modern contemporary interior design can also be a gorgeous canvas for your Eames Chair Replica. While most of your furniture is austere and brimming with a clean austerity, introducing the chair can bring in a sense of vintage comfort. That’s exactly what’s happening in the living room in this image.

  1. Emulating the wooden zen

The base and back of the Eames Chair Replica has a beautiful wooden finish which is highlighted even more with its black upholstery. So, by putting it in a wood-oriented ambiance, it’ll feel as if you’ve put it straight at home. The vintage midcentury style look in this image is the perfect example of how to use this technique. You just have to be careful about emulating contrasting colors around the chair itself so that it doesn’t end up blending with the walls.

  1. Minimalist and stylish

The unfettered style and grace of this entire setting lean towards the minimal genre. The plain backdrop is perfect for making a bold statement with the Eames Chair Replica. Its solid black-and-white color scheme plays in stark contrast with the breezy white background. The strategic placement of the accessories adds a lived-in look to the whole ambiance. It’s the perfect way to style a cozy modern space.

  1. Modern and ventless

The modern style is a fan-favorite with most homeowners loving how the subtle minimalism still feels timelessly fantastic. This living room is the perfect articulation of this sentiment and therefore, an excellent way to house the iconic Eames Chair Replica. The dark, bolder color scheme of the chair pairs really well with the rest of the accent pieces and the transparency in the room makes for a whimsical background!

All 6 of these interior designs took something iconic and made it even more statement worthy. So, we hope you can do the same for your own Eames Chair Replica!

Alberto Aurelio

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