5 Things About Mobile Vs. Manufactured Vs. Modular homes That Nobody Will Tell You

Did you know that the competition in the mobile home industry is much tougher than it is for manufactured homes? There are far more choices in quality, price and speed of shipping for mobile homes in Michigan than there are for manufactured homes. How is this possible? Simple really, because mobile homes are manufactured in a completely different factory than traditional manufactured homes. That’s right – the same exact plants that manufacture automobiles are used to manufacture mobile homes in Michigan.

The plants that make the portable homes in Michigan are able to ship orders quickly because they have very large lots to cover. But what about the “little people” with the tiny little stoves and refrigerators, who make up the rest of the manufacturing crews? These guys have to be the most efficient and reliable, so they get the toughest assignments. You can bet that even though these men work as hard as the superstars do, they still don’t get the top billing and most respect.

This is where a mobile-home manufacturer in Michigan comes in. Because the manufacturing companies and the workers at these plants know the true secrets to making the best mobile homes, they are the ones that you want to use if you need a quality custom mobile manufactured home in Michigan. They can handcraft your dream home from the ground up, including the plumbing and electrical systems, just as if it was built on site by your very own local company. The people who build the portable homes for you to come from the very same plants that manufacture the “real deal”, and they know exactly which parts to look for and which ones to bypass. So if you are looking for a mobile manufactured home in Michigan, you don’t have to wonder anymore, just find the right people to work for you!

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Clare Louise

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