Why opt for gated communities over stand-alone flats? 

Location and design is a huge hurdle when it comes to house hunting. People say that you can’t have everything. A little compromise and sacrifice has to be made. What if I told you that you don’t have to sacrifice anything? What if I tell you that you can find or even create a perfect space within something called ‘gated communities’? You don’t have to go for those high-rising flat buildings that don’t have the vibes of a home.

Read on to know why gated communities should be our choice over stand-alone flats?


These gated communities can be considered as small societies. You can understand the level of security these areas provide by the word ‘gated’ in it. These structures have 23/7 surveillance, guards around the perimeter, and a record of all those who enter and leave the establishment. From the details of residents to the details of the house helping staff and the vehicles, everything is recorded.


Gated communities provide all kinds of facilities and amenities within a perimeter. Some of them being: 

  • Swimming Pool
  • Skating Rinks
  • Outdoor Chess
  • Senior Citizen Corner
  • Bush Trees
  • Climbing Wall
  • Kids Play Area
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Pool Table
  • Table Tennis
  • Gym
  • Multi-Play Court. Etc.

Some of them might even have a shopping area of their own. Provident plots are something that you may want to go for as the establishment provides all the mentioned amenities.

Plot Development

Unlike stand-alone flats, where you have to somehow compromise on your privacy and space arrangement, gated communities have detailed and planned layout. They are designed to provide plot space according to the needs of the owners. All plots are accurately distant to ensure privacy. You can get your house built according to Vastu Shastra easily because the overall planning is done in a way to provide freedom to that as well. You can choose plots from standard-sized to odd-sized ones.

Don’t go on my words if you don’t want to. But you can check Provident Woodfield and see for yourself. After all, a site visit is a must.

Alberto Aurelio

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