How to Select the Right Salt Water Pool Chlorinator


Chlorinators are an essential component to keep your pool swimmable. It keeps your pool water crystal clear and sanitized. From time to time, this chlorinator needs to be replaced to keep the efficiency of your pool at the top level. Let’s walk through vital points that you must keep in mind while selecting the right chlorinator for your pool.

  • Pool type and size

Not all chlorinators are created equal, nor are they a one-fit for all pool types. Depending on your type of pool, its size and level of use; you must choose the right chlorinator. A pool expert would be the best person to guide you here.


  • Inline or offline chlorinator system


Chlorinator replacement always requires expert assistance. They can check your existing system and advise you whether to use a system that is connected to the pool’s system like the filtration and heater or use an all-independent system. The inline chlorinator is the preferred and most popular option.

  • Brands and issues

As with any appliance; opting for a reliable brand makes for easier maintenance, easy availability of parts, and most service providers familiar with the system. It also makes the warranty more reliable.


  • Self-cleaning


It is always better to go for a self-cleaning pool chlorinator. They eliminate the gruesome manual cleaning. A major issue with manual cleaning apart from this is that you need to take the unit apart, which can increase the probability of problems. Self-cleaning keeps the electrodes safe and increase the lifespan of the product.

  • Controls

There are plenty of features available in modern chlorinators, which make them easier to operate like the ‘Output Control’ helps to adjust the chlorine level of the pool. We have already discussed the cleaning option. There are plenty of other such controls which make managing your pool, a breeze.

With these tips, you cannot go wrong in selecting the right chlorinator.


Clare Louise

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