Buying a New Mattress from Mattress Stores in Toronto? Top Sleep Trial and Returns FAQs Answered

Buying a new mattress is among the most important decisions that you can make considering that you will spend most of your time sleeping on it. Luckily, with the recent explosion of online mattress stores in Toronto, sourcing for a new mattress is easier than ever. 

Besides stocking a wide range of mattress brands, these stores have carved out their niche in the sleep industry with excellent customer service and a transparent buying process. Best of all, the stores can offer high-quality mattresses at much cheaper price points since they don’t incur overhead costs of managing the retail stores or paying salespeople. 

However, the discounted prices come at the cost of not being given the opportunity to try out the mattresses before making a purchase. Even though sitting on a mattress you plan to purchase for 15 minutes in a physical store isn’t the best proxy for how it will feel to sleep on in your house, it can help you get answers to a few questions such as the firmness and the feel of memory foam. 

To address some of these concerns, most online mattress stores in Toronto offer trial periods of up to 3 months (or more) for you to test the mattress in your home and return it if you are not satisfied without any extra charges. To take advantage of these trial periods, you have to know how they work. To this end, let’s try and answer some of the most common frequently asked questions about mattress trials and returns in Toronto. 

  1. How long do the trials last? 

As hinted above, most sleep trials last for 90-100 days but the exact duration depends on the brand. Some brands offer their customers up to 365 days and some stores even allow for lifetime returns. 

  1. Am I allowed to return the mattress at any point during the sleep trial period? 

Most mattress stores in Toronto require at least 30 nights for the mattress to adjust to your body. Accordingly, nearly all sleep trials include a compulsory break-in period of 30 nights or longer. This means that you will not be allowed to return the mattresses for a refund till the break-in period elapses. 

  1. Can I exchange the mattress if it doesn’t meet my needs? 

Besides returns, some stores allow for exchanges. You can exchange your mattress for a different model of different sizes, firmness, construction or a combination of the three aspects. 

  1. Will I be charged some fee if I return the mattress? 

Most stores in Toronto won’t charge you anything for returns. However, there are a few stores that might need you to pay a return fee to cater for shipping costs. 

  1. Are the returned mattresses sold to other customers?

In most cases, returned mattresses are recycled or donated to charity. 

Buying a new mattress from online stores in Toronto is cheaper and straightforward. However, navigating the finer details of the trial periods and return policies can be a bit confusing. Hopefully, the above FAQs have shed some light on what to expect. At a minimum, a sleep trial is better than lying in some showroom for 15 minutes with your spouse while an eager salesman is watching and smiling at you. 

Clare Louise

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